Celebrating Children's Day

Let our children be children and enjoy things for as long as they can!

We Work Where No Others Work

Welcome to their world - Help us to save them and Let's do our best to give them a happy youth!

Teacher Training Seminars

These teachers teach in the nearly inaccesable jungles of Odisha where we have 75 small 'Marudyan Learning Centres'

Confidence Building

To change our future we need mothers, as 85% of our character is formed in the first five years of our life. The hand that rocks the baby is the hand that rules the future.

Educating a child is like painting a masterpiece

Children are vibrant with high hopes for their future. Building a child's character is more essencial than forcing his academic skills.

Our Objectives

Sponsored Education

Bringing sponsored education to the mainly out-of-school children of B.P.L. (Below Poverty Line) rural and urban families.

Vocational Training

Giving sponsored vocational/skill development training for older children and adults of these less privileged families.

Female Empowerment

Building female confidence - Parent / Teacher Training Seminars.

Adult Literacy

Promoting adult literacy – Providing Identity Cards to strengthen Self-Esteem.

Calcutta Marudyan works where no others work. We are a small society working hands on at grass root level. When you visit our site you will see that these are not empty words. At present we have projects in four states, with a total of 82 schools and Learning Centres for over 2500 students, who otherwise would in all probability not be educated.

Where We Work

West Bengal


We work hand in hand with active members of society who want to do their part to make this world a better place with a brighter future, where every child born in this world will have the opportunity to grow up with love and an adequate education to develop the God given talents that he or she is endowed with at birth.