Meet the Team

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John visiting the  remote  Tribal mountain people. This is so much fun! Don’t you just love India?

Calcutta  Marudyan  (Oasis  in  Bengali)  Society  was  formed  in  1998  (Soc.  Reg  No:  S/ 92445)  by  John  Beentjes,  his  personal  family,  volunteer  co-workers  and  local  governing  body  members.  John  says: ” I  own  no  houses  or  land,  but  I  am  richly  blessed.  We  came  as  a  family  to  India  in  1998.  During  our  time  in  India  we  have  worked  the  first  seven  years  in  Calcutta,  one  year  in  Bangalore  helping  in  Tsunami  relief  work,  after  which  we  moved  to  the  New  Delhi  area.  As  volunteers  we  have  dedicated  our  lives  in  service  to  God  and  fellowman.”


Dr. Daing, our president, visiting the project in Devilal-Gurgaon.

In  2012  the  family  moved  back  to  the  UK.  In  2013  the  charity  Marudyan-UK  (Charity  Reg  No:  1149704)  was  formed.  Marudyan-UK’s  objective  is  to  raise  funds  for  the  projects  of  Calcutta  Marudyan.

John  visits  India  regularly  to  see  that  the  projects  keep  making  progress.  We  are  a  small  energetic  society  working  at  grass-root  level  with  very  little  overhead.

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Mrs. Kamlesh, our long time secretary, visiting Dhanpota

Mr. Sethi, a long time volunteer is the present society secretary

Dr.  Vijaya  Daing,  who  joined  us  as  president,  has  been  a  vital  part  of  the  Society  since  the  start.

Mrs.  Kamlesh  Agarwala  has  been  a  long  time  secretary  of  our  society  since  the  start.  This  post  is  more  recently  filled  by  Mr.  Sethi,  who  has  been  a  volunteer  and  coworker  in  the  project  for  many  years.

Then  there  are  our  friends  and  volunteers  like  Rahul  and  Madhu,  who  all  stand  by  ready  to  give  a  helping  hand  when  the  need  arises.

A  very  special ‘ thank  you’  to  our  Sponsors,  who  are  the  wheels  under  our  vehicle  that  could  not  move  without  your  generosity.  Your  giving  and  good  wishes  will  not  be  forgotten  but  are  recorded  in  the  eternal.  There  is  APIBiMI,  ADP,  URCO,  Henry,  Wilma,  Becky,  Piet,  John,  Heather,  Christine,  Chris,  Mary,  Daniel,  Rob,  Sarah,  Gogarty,  Peter,  Max  Fun,  Mark,  Malcolm,  Marva,  Sardana,  Madhvi,  on  and  on  goes  the  list  of  the  most  wonderful  people  on  the  face  of  the  earth.  It  is  our  prayer  that  your  deeds  of  kindness  will  be  rewarded  accordingly  with  good  health,  happy  family  life  and prosperous  business  ventures.  THANK   YOU!

Of  course  none  of  this  is  possible  if  it  was  not  for  the  over  100  teachers  and  their  overseers  from  all  backgrounds,  who  work  on  the  projects  mostly  part  time  for  a  minimal  wage.  Mr.  Manik  Mondal  for  Dhanpota,  Ms.  Anjali  Sikka  for  Devilal  Colony,  Mr.  Surrender  Patrick  for  Jaisalmer  and  Mr.  Parag  R.  Pradhan ( a. k. a  Tunu)  along  with  Mr.  Naik  for  Odisha  Learning  Centres.  Their  desire  is  to  help  bring  education  to  those  who  otherwise  might  not  have  the  opportunity  is  extraordinary.  THANK  YOU!

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