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Anna volunteered in the West Bengal project for several months before continuing her studies. For Anna it was a major milestone of change in her life.


Sarah Kirwan, a U.K. criminal police officer, took a year sabbatical to work with us. Here Sarah is serving at the Christmas dinner for the poor

Dear Reader/Friend,

Thank you for your interest in our work. You are invited and very welcome to visit our projects and your help will be greatly appreciated. If you can help teach whether it is spoken English, do an Art Project or you just desire to play football or cricket with the children then know that your talents will be valued.

If volunteering is too difficult and you wish to adopt a school in the Odisha jungles. Please do not hesitate to contact us as this is a priceless opportunity to give to a worthwhile project.

Print madhu frooti to kids

Devilal, Haryana: Volunteers bringing juice and giving a helping hand during Children’s Day Celebration 2014

We have taken on the Odisha project as the need was so great. We are operating outside our budget. If you feel that we are sufficiently trustworthy and you wish to partner with us, then please be assured that a little goes a long long way. At present we have 75 Marudyan Learning Centres in this area with more requests coming in.

For  the  amount  of  $ 30,-  /  £ 20.-  /  € 30,-  or  Rs, 2000,-  PER  MONTH  WE  CAN  PAY  THE  TEACHER’S  WAGE  AND  KEEP  ONE  SCHOOL  RUNNING.  You  can  sponsor  a  whole  school  for  this  amount  per  month.

Drop us a line as to where on the globe you are. We will contact you and give info about the following three options:

  • Send it directly to ‘Calcutta Marudyan’ via our F.C.R.A. (Foreign Currency Receiving Account) in India.
  • From India donations should be made to “Calcutta Marudyan”. You receive the receipt with a copy of our 80G ITO exemption certificate.
  • Donations via Marudyan UK charity and JustGiving in the UK (Pls. specify Calcutta Marudyan)

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