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Dhanpota is a village in the district of South 24 Parganas in West Bengal. Since 1999 we run a rural educational centre “Marudyan Primary & Jr. High School-Dhanpota” where rural children from BPL (Below Poverty Line) families, receive a good education. When we first came there was no electricity. No arsenic free drinking water. Slowly but surely, bit by bit, year by year things started changing.

Some of the other programmes (see Archive) that are not part of the main objectives of our society are:


With the help of an american foundation we received sponsorship for 2 boats and to build a dormitory for 80 Tsunami orphans.

  • Clothing Bank – we have distributed tens of thousands of items.
  • Disaster Relief (according to the need)– Assisted in Tsunami Relief Work made trips with humanitarian aid to Aila-Cyclone affected areas.
  • Reading Library – where we also conduct seminars: health and hygiene programs.
  • Children’s Day activities – together with members from the business community we have fun-filled Children’s Day activities.
  • Sportsdays (see the Archive picture album).

    Save0020 - Copy

    Tree Planting Day (5000 young trees distributed)

  • Tree planting – we have planted and distributed 5000 young trees.
  • For hygiene we placed forty toilets with septic tanks around Dhanpota.
  • thousand feet deep Tubewell for arsenic free drinking water.
  • Organizing Christmas dinners for the poorest of the poor of Kolkata (Calcutta) Usually a minimum of 1000 attend enjoy the spirit of Christmas and have a good meal.
  • Donated wheelchairs to handicapped.
  • Brought Electricity from several kilometers of the other side of the village.

Both the Computer Course and Sewing Course receive West Bengal Government Certification, which enables the students to have far better job opportunities.

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