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Motor Mechanics

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Advanced Sewing Course

As we started it became clear that we could not just educate the children while the family went hungry, so we started giving vocational training: first sewing classes, then woodwork classes. We expanded to motor mechanics and computer classes. Besides the school children, also hundreds of adults have passed through the courses.


Successful Students From the Vocational Training Course


Drying her rice and now making some extra with sewing

Tapan Bar from Dhanpota village.
Tapan has no land for cultivation. He lives with his wife and two children together with his elderly mother in a mud house. They were what you might call the ‘poorest of the extremely poor’. But he completed the sponsored Sewing Course he is now working in Kolkata in the Garment Company “Vest”.
Tapan is thankful because he now has a steady monthly income of Rupees 5000.-.


School benches made during the course

Carpentry (temporarily discontinued for lack of students)

Amrita Bar of Darrirchak village.
Amrita’s family has one bigha of low land for rice cultivation. He lives together with his two other brothers and mother. After finishing the carpentry course Amrita started a small home industry making furniture and selling it.
His business is doing well and he is making monthly Rupees 6000.-.



Computer literacy is part of the curriculum

Hayatur Rahaman Molla from Magrahat.
Hayatur lives with three family members and they have no land for cultivation.
He has opened a Desktop Publishing Centre and photo Printing Shop in Magrahat. He also sells stationery, envelopes, greeting cards and post cards.
He is earning around Rupees 5000.- every month.



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Learning a vocation to build female confidence – Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.


Sponsored Adult Computer Classes – West Bengal








Older girls and adults learning to sew in Devilal School – Gurgaon Haryana


Motor Mechanics a favorite with the boys


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