West Bengal

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How we started in 1999


Our project in Dhanpota, West Bengal started in 1999 in a rice-shed. It is now an educational institute with just below four hundred students. At present we have over 300 children attending and 80 adults receiving Vocational Training. Click here to watch a video of the school


Little by little it has grown into an Educational Institute

Ready to go home


Class VII Students grown up in our Rural School


More than 500 people passed through our Sewing Course

Due to our good friend Mr. Gianni Cainelli we made contact with APIBiMI, an Italian charity. Apibimi decided to make a group sponsorship for 100 children, which was recently upped to 120.

This along with help towards the cost of the vocational training programme covers 90 percent of the operational expenses of this project West Bengal project. Thank you dear friends in Italy, we count it an honour to have partnered with you these many years. Please visit their site. apibimi.org


Yeah, it is lunch time. Let’s go!

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